WG 2522 Limbo
February 12th, 2019

WG 2522 Limbo

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2 Responses to “WG 2522 Limbo”

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    george says:

    I am happy to see WG back up. I hope you aren’t pushing too hard to get this running again. For what good it does, I have been sending good thoughts your way.

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      Karl says:

      Thanks. Trying to pace myself, but the microstudio, along with finding a place to hang this blasted catheter bag, AND this uncomfortable chair (it doesn’t seem to want to lift up high anymore…lol), I try to do it a little at a time…although I do forget and end up at the art desk for longer than I should.

      But I have to have something to do between waiting for test results and going to the doctor’s office…which they just called and want to see me this afternoon…probably to say he doesn’t feel comfortable doing the procedure with my blood results…that would be my luck…sorry we wasted your time and had you keep that catheter in for over a month, maybe some other urologist will feel more comfortable doing it. SIGH!