Willow’s Grove is a love child of Karl Kleese since the late 1980’s.  Now it is going for a twist with its main characters, Max and Bob being kidnapped by the Central Nexus to be used as their commodity haulers from planet to planet.  How will they ever get home?  Tune in and find out as they blunder through their adventures on their quest to find their way back home!


Karl Kleese is a cartoonist who looks quite, remarkably young for his age (as witnessed by the photo of him in the studio).  He resides in South Florida with his family and animals amid the retirees and swamp creatures working diligently to bring you Willow’s Grove every Monday through Friday.  In his spare time away from social media, he designs and maintains websites for clients throughout all of South Florida Land.

*This message has been approved by the Robot Overlords who say “we’re watching you you bags of flesh!”*