This page is horribly outdated, for which I do apologize. There is an update on the “to-do” list, but with the sheer number of characters that have come and gone in this strip, it may do better to create a wiki…heh, there’s so much to do it is really a bit overwhelming, but I am working on updating it, Grovers…stay tuned.
Max Max Max is a cartoonist who lives in Willow’s Grove, Pennsylvania until his high school friend Bob gets him mixed up with a spaceship and all that comes with it including a replicant left in his place. His wife Melanie (Mel for short) and children Mark and Missy back on Earth don’t know it, but that isn’t their husband/dad sitting across from them at the dinner table! Short tempered but loyal to his friends, Max is the make shift leader of this motley crew.
Bob Bob Inept but loveable, Bob is smart where it counts and that is when picking his friends. Especially his high school pal, Max. Bob is self-employed, he just hasn’t figured out in what field yet. His girlfriend Becky, whom Bob met over the internet, doesn’t know her cuddly lizard is a replicant, too.
Fred Fred Fake on the ship, but real back on Earth, Fred is not your average android. Even with upgrades, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the box! On Earth, Fred is Willow’s Grove’s mortician and coroner. He joins Max and Bob as high school pals, although the others don’t know quite what he is and is sometimes referred to as the Muppet that didn’t make it all the way to Sesame Street.
ship Ship Workhorse of the Central Nexus, the ship has a central computer that is a character all to itself. Beyond the fact that it was created by and for the Central Nexus, not much is known about it other than its patronizing attitude. At first designated CN:426, it has since been rechristened as Starblazer.
Nick Nick Nicholas Rhys Katt hails from the island of Piggypoke on Earth. He was kidnapped by the Central Nexus over a year before Max and Bob were and has a working knowledge of all the technology used by them. While assisting Max, Bob and Fred to reprogram the ship to send it home, he was zapped back to Earth. After going to Willow’s Grove to deactivate Maxbot & Bobbot, he helped the ship zero in on Earth’s location before his special radio was mysteriously destroyed.
Becky Becky Becky is a robot replica of the real Becky, Bob’s girlfriend on Earth, that was created by the ship when sensing Bob missing her.
Becky Igor The remote of the Starblazer’s computer. Created to give Max something to look at when speaking to the ship, it is the complete representation of the ship’s computer and thus is just as smart-alecky.