Spotlight: y2cl

Y2CL. What is it? A series of comics in a universe that will play with your mind, your morals and a few other things if you let it. It will make you laugh or make you run away in terror, but most of all, it will entertain while making you think. J Horsely III is the creator behind all this madness rolled into one. Started six years ago as a way of making fun of his friends, Y2 Christ (the userid of his friend) wandered here and there on the web. Then it disappeared for a short time before returning, first in September of 2007 and then fulltime in January 2008 as Y2CL (Y2 Christ Lite) in its current format of seven different strips that all take place in the same universe. Sometimes there are crossovers between the strips, but mostly they remain self contained gems of insanity. Do you like Zombies? Do you like Jesus? Do you like Zombie Jesus? Well, head on over to y2cl and get your fill. Between the aforementioned Zombie Jesus, Larry, the Coked-up Bunny, Sergeant Blinky and a few others, you will find yourself eerily compelled to not only bookmark this comic delight, but to dive deep into the archive and see what they have done in the past leading up to their current state of frenzy.

Y2cl, a funny, thought-provking ride that also proves that cartoonists don’t just live in their mother’s basements but can also have a hot wife and wonderful family to boot! So head on over and take a tour of this crazy universe. You won’t regret it…well, maybe you will, but you will find yourself smiling just the same.

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2 Responses to “Spotlight: y2cl”

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    jhorsley3 says:

    It is true, cartoonist CAN have hot wives! Just ask my husband!

    Thank you for the kind review, I hope anyone who clicks that link doesn’t regret it!

  2. 2
    jhorsley3 says:

    also, nice use of my random image generator!