WG 76 The Harbinger Of Doom
May 4th, 2009

WG 76 The Harbinger Of Doom

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3 Responses to “WG 76 The Harbinger Of Doom”

  1. 1
    George says:

    I love a small slice of cheesecake for breakfast. 🙂 I also like Starblazer. Not bad at all.

  2. 2
    Karl says:

    ahhh yes, cheesecake and a pervy bot to boot. The suggestions for the ship name was going to be longer, but was trimmed in the final edit. What would have been fun was a “name the ship contest” for the readers…ah well, hindsight is 20/20. But at least you can enjoy the goodness on Star Wars Day….May the Fourth be with you, always!

  3. 3
    dgriff13 says:

    LOL, is the little computer bot guy checking out fake Becky? too funny. Lots to take in with this page, fun!