WG 2531 Fred Closes Shop
March 4th, 2019

WG 2531 Fred Closes Shop

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4 Responses to “WG 2531 Fred Closes Shop”

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    george says:

    I am happy to see you are feeling well enough to continue the WG saga. Best wishes being sent your way.

    • 1.1
      Karl says:

      Physically, I feel fine…it’s the mental part that I’m working on. Between the delays and the in-betweens (of procedures, waiting for treatment to start, and pending surgeries) is what’s doing me in. I’m not a patient person & as this has been delayed for over a month and a half now due to a bumbling urologist (that has been kicked to the curb), this all should’ve been done & over with by now & on to the monitoring part.

      So, I am going to try and keep up with producing new comics in between the in betweens, to help keep my mental state in check and on the path to wellness.

      Thank you for the best wishes!

  2. 2
    Font Lady says:

    Yay! I’m glad you’re feeling better. You take care of yourself.