A Quick Word About Facebook & Patreon

Hey Grovers! Just a quick note on things I have seen first hand (Facebook) & read about on Twitter (Patreon).

First, Facebook. I haven’t a clue what the heck they were thinking in napalming the ability of 3rd party apps from auto posting on my feed. But they did it. Along with countless other artists out there who rely on the wonderful timesaver of 3rd party apps autoposting new updates to their comics, I have been using this feature since I first started using WordPress for the Willow’s Grove site way back in 2008. Now, it’s gone. In a effort to thwart malicious agents from posting disinformation & fake news (jebus, I hate that term), they’ve taken away mine & countless other artists, from automatically posting to their platform. Napalmed it…thrown the baby out with the bath water. Sure, Willow’s Grove isn’t a real place (except inside my head), but I didn’t use it to confuse people into believing dogs & lizards & other animals can actually talk…and didn’t use it to throw an election one way or another (like Facebook turned a blind eye to back in 2016). So, if you would like to see when a new comic is available, you can follow me over on Twitter while they still allow autopublishing…if they stop, I’ll have to go back to sending smoke signals to get the word out.

Patreon. You may be asking yourself what this old coot is talking about with Patreon…well, at least two grovers aren’t…anyway, Patreon has switched banks to handle the funds that patrons so generously give to help support comic artists, and as such, some patron’s credit cards have been declined. If the two grovers who are my patrons have encountered this, check your email inbox, then head over to Patreon & reenter your payment method. It should fix itself (although, for the life of me, I don’t know why YOU have to do this instead of Patreon taking care of it behind the scenes). For all you other Grovers out there, if you can spare some change and become a patron of Willow’s Grove to help keep this comic going, it would be greatly appreciated. To the two who are already my patrons, I am forever grateful for your support.

Hope you all are enjoying the latest saga over here at Willow’s Grove. I’ve been chugging through wrist & shoulder pain to keep producing the comic, which explains the delay in the time of day a new comic comes out. But I press onward to make sure it comes out on the day it’s supposed to

Thanks again for riding along with me as we head towards our 30th year of Willow’s Grove. Until next time, Grovers…PEACE!

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