Comic Book Fire Sale – All Items Must Go

Hey Grovers! I’ve decided it’s time to thin the herd, so to speak, in the clutter that occupies the closets in my home. The first thing to go is, unfortunately, my comic book collection. I started collecting Superman & Batman titles starting just before the Doomsday/Death of Superman for Superman & Knightfall for the Batman titles. I bought them from comic book shops for the most part, so they are boarded and sleeved. I read them once, and then placed them back in the sleeve and then stored them. There are a few Superman titles, that I know are missing, as I didn’t see the Doomsday/Death of Superman run when I was cataloging them. Should I find them, I will place them up for sale, too. All title prices are the cover prices. I have not had them appraised, but again, they were read once and then put back into their sleeves and then stored so they are pretty damn close to mint.

First to go (as they are the ones that I have sorted and cataloged in a spreadsheet – see below) are the Superman titles. I will go through all the Batman titles starting tomorrow & go through the long process of cataloging them into their own spreadsheet & then post as I finish it.

So, if you are interested in picking up some older comics (1994 – 2004), or if you are interested in picking up the entire Superman collection, please let me know. We can work out shipping details as the titles are purchased (if they are purchased in bulk, I should say, as individual titles purchased should break the bank for shipping – unless it is international shipping – that rate is horrible, sadly). Take a look at the spreadsheet and let me know if you are interested. Again, the price for each is the price on the cover.

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