Many Thanks!

Just wanted to give a special thank you to the following people for their support of Willow’s Grove! It really means a lot that I have readers that take an invested interest in keeping this old comic going!

So thank you to Ken, Brian, Derek, Tobias, and Software Wild! Your generous contributions help in ways you can’t being to imagine and I just wanted to post my gratitude to you all.

To all my readers, thank you for being part of the Willow’s Grove family. Your comments are always welcome and I look forward to seeing them after a new comic is posted. I may not reply to them fast enough, but please know that I read every one. And to those readers who would like to support this comic but can’t, I completely understand. It isn’t the best out there, and this old cartoonist knows it first hand. I thank you though for reading my comic. To those who have contributed in the past and not in this latest support drive, you know you are appreciated and I thank you as well, for all your support.

Finally, (and this is just a joke…truly, it is just a joke, please don’t take it seriously) to all those readers who went out and bought a Nintendo Switch and are posting about it on Twitter and Facebook…really? (p.s. I’m just kidding, really, enjoy your Switch…p.s.s. but please stop posting about it on Twitter and Facebook)


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