January 13th, 1989


Welcome to the world of Uncle Cho’s Bar & Grill! This was the original name to the comic that became Willow’s Grove. I had been looking for these comics to post for a while now and had only found copies that were too small to scan and post. Unfortunately, I can’t find a larger version of comic number 1, but will continue the hunt as I found the comics I am presenting, warts and all, in an old portfolio under my bed.

I apologize if they are hard to read, but due to the template I am using for the new comics, I am limited to a width of 600 pixels and the originals were around 6000 pixels in width. Squint your eyes for a few and please excuse the roughness of the comics I thought were at one time golden, but haven’t stood up to the test of time (at least in my eyes). The final few comics are pencils only as they were never completed on bristol board like the others presented here. The ones that were completed, were part of a package I sent to the syndicates (and now seeing them again for the first time in probably fifteen years, I can see why the syndicates passed on them) and I only needed a certain number for submission.

Enjoy your trip through time to Uncle Cho’s Bar & Grill.

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