WG 1404 Man It’s So Loud In Here
Wednesday — July 23rd, 2014

WG 1404 Man It’s So Loud In Here

Summer Cleaning

Hey Grovers, Karl here. I was just browsing through the WG Store, seeing what I have on the shelves and taking stock of what to reorder…(psst, I don’t keep stock of merch at the studio…well, except for a few books to send out when ordered…it’s a metaphor so let’s pretend there’s a general store over here, shall we? I know I like to pretend, but that’s an entirely different kind of blog post for an entirely different site)

Sooooo, anyway, there I was browsing through the store(in my mind) and was wondering what you the visitors to my store(on the web) would love to see listed for purchase. Some items in my mental store are really dated, going back all the way to that long ago yesteryear of 2008 so I really need to clean house(literally, but that’s also another blog entry for yet another kind of site (hoarders…hey, I didn’t ask you(not you, you the readers, but him, you, my mental baggage…sorry, I’ll be quiet…thank you)! Then I got the brilliant idea (HA!…hey, I thought you said you were going to be quiet?…sorry, please continue)of asking you, my readers, what YOU would like to see available for purchase in my store. What item would you, personally purchase if you saw it? What kind of merchandise would you wear, display or hoard…err, proudly display?

Suggestions or ideas can be left in the comments. Thanks, Grovers! You’re the best(I thought I was your favorite?…not now!…you never make time for me anymore…I said not NOW!…I should have listened to my neurons and latched onto somebody more famous…quiet!)!

So I Wrote This Novel

Hey Grovers! Some of you may know already that (those of you who follow me over on the Facebook thing) I’ve been working on a novel. The book is about a guy (and in the title choices you can tell his name) who gets stranded on Earth in the middle of a hurricane and has to find his way home without being exposed as an alien. I did my final edit and only have a working title so far so, I thought I’d post a poll to see which of the titles I have in mind work better…better off the tongue, better branding, etc. I look forward to your thoughts. And, as always, you can leave a suggested title in the comments.

[polldaddy poll=7215560]

Fine Tuning

While talking to my son today and his mentioning how difficult it was to find a particular strip to show his roommate, I’ve decided to undertake something I should have done from the get-go, when I started using WordPress & ComicPress to display Willow’s Grove…over 1084 comics ago…using tags. This would have allowed my son to type in a tag or keyword and search for the comic he wanted to show off.

Now comes the fun part: Going through all 1084 published comics, plus the ones from the very early days, and create tags for them that best describe what is going on in each individual comic. The good news is I have all of the published strips in a folder on the hard drive so I can do it offline, create a spreadsheet to organize, etc., and then cut & paste the tags back in to each post. The bad news is, I have to do this for 1084 comics and try to make them unique to what is going on in the comic. I’m quite sure there’ll be overlaps and tags that fit multiple comics, but at least, once it is completed, readers can search by tags to find a strip they want to read again.

Serves me right for not doing this in the first place to have such a large backlog to tend to.