WG 1336 Drink
Friday — April 18th, 2014

WG 1336 Drink

Sorry for the outage [UPDATE]

It seems the site has been down for a few hours without me being aware of it until I was trying to upload some new comics. Apparently, the database got hosed (AGAIN!) so I had to jump in and repair it. I sure as shit wished Yahoo Small Business would send out an email if the site goes down because of this type of error, as it happens about three times a year. Stupid YSB!! I really need to find a way to jump to another host. Was all set to get my own server via a networking group peer, but that deal fell through when cash disappeared….onwards and upwards, Grovers!

[UPDATE] 11/1/12 – 5:54PM EST
Well, it appears the site is bouncing up and down due to YSB having a problem with their MySQL server. Their solution is one that I have been doing all frickin’ day! Sign on and request a database repair to run on your database. Doesn’t help the fact that I couldn’t log in to my database directly to work with, that I have to use THEIR ungodly tools to fix it, but I ran about the 15th request for the day and it brought the site back up. Keep your fingers crossed that this will stay up and the yahoos at YSB get their fingers out of their collective asses and it stays up. I’d say if you can’t read this, it means the site dropped again, but if it is down, you won’t be able to read this. Be patient. One day I shall be able to afford a new host and move far away from YSB! Thank you for your understanding.

New T-Shirt Line

I’ve started a new t-shirt line for Willow’s Grove. It doesn’t feature any characters, but businesses within the Willow’s Grove universe. The first three released via Zazzle are Squirrel Manor Inn and two versions of the Cho’s Bar & Grill signage (standard and distressed). There will be more to follow, but what place of business or landmark would you like to see on a Willow’s Grove t-shirt? Drop your suggestions in the comments.

Here’s the links to the new shirts:

Squirrel Manor Inn

Cho’s – Standard

Cho’s – Distressed

Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs!

Don’t ye be alarmed! Thar’s nuttin’ wrong wit’ the site. Tis’ a plug-in for International Talk Like A Pirate Day what makes all the CSS go haywire. All will be restored on the 20th.

This drove me absolutely nuts last year, tearing apart code, analyzing and such only to find it is this blasted WordPress plug-in to blame.

In the meantime, have fun talking like a pirate today!