WG 1902 Overload
Friday — June 24th, 2016

WG 1902 Overload

Halloween Decoration Decision

Every year since 1992, I’ve decorated my front yard to look like a spooky cemetery with faux brick columns and painted PVC pipes as a fence. Over the years, the main wall has changed from painted wood panels to cloth to PVC pipes to match the rest. However, as I was going outside to prepare and locate the holes (I use metal conduit attached through eyebolts to hold the main columns in place), I noticed our current landscaping as overgrown into the areas once reserved for the fence and wall. To put the wall in its old location would mean some of it being obscured by bushes and ferns, so that’s out. Now I just have to sit down and figure out what to do to use the old stuff as I have only 2 weeks until Halloween and not enough time to make new stuff. Jeepers!

Sea of Stars Now In Stock

My second novel, ‘Sea of Stars’, is now in stock and ready for ordering. If you have read my first novel, ‘Accidental Earthling’, ‘Sea of Stars’ is the direct sequel to that first book. You can order it directly through the Willow’s Grove Press site with payments via PayPal, here. I’m really happy with how the story panned out for this one, much more so than for my first novel. First novels are always the hardest to write, and for me, this was the first thing besides my comic, that I really completed from start to finish (well, since my comic is ever ongoing, I don’t know if there will be a finish, at least while I am still breathing 😉 ). This second novel came to me faster and was written faster, edited faster and beta-tested faster. The third one, heh, still trying to pan out the middle and overall structure, but then again, that is what writing is all about, right?

Sea of Stars cover thumbnail

Also, any Grovers who have read ‘Accidental Earthling’ I’d like to hear your feedback on if you liked it, loved it, hated it worse than going to the dentist, etc. I won’t be mad, just would like to hear some positive feedback.

What’s The Hardest Thing You Had To Do?

Name the thing you had to do that was, you feel, the hardest thing you had to do personally. Kicking a habit, a decision perhaps? Leave your response in the comments below.