WG 831 Following The Trail
May 11th, 2012

WG 831 Following The Trail

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4 Responses to “WG 831 Following The Trail”

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    KWCarlson says:

    Something’s not adding up here, Mel didn’t learn how to fly the Dragonfly just because and certainly not well enough to fight off someone following her. I mean she couldn’t even fly the podship shuttle without Crystal setting it up for her. Weirdness all around but I can hardly wait to see how it works out.

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      Karl says:

      It all follows the greater mystery-
      How did she suddenly learn how to:
      1) override the security cameras
      2) learn to operate the Dragonfly
      3) not necessarily learn, but why did she just up and leave?

      Did she have help from someone on the Starblazer? Was she suffering from amnesia due to her head trauma? This isn’t a sudden case of Mary Sue, but I will leave it up to the readers to come to their own conclusion as to who or what would have had the most knowledge for circumventing ship systems as well as having an intricate knowledge of the workings of the Dragonfly. There are several candidates who would have benefited from Mel being out of the picture, including Max himself. No one is above suspicion. 😉

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    FoolKiller says:

    I hope they remember that they are following her in a ship that looks like the one that fired upon her.