Comic of the Week: Cetiya by Mitsukaiten

This week for our Comic of the Week spotlight we look at another in the SpiderForest stable of comics: Cetiya by Mitsukaiten. This one is rated 16+ so you may not wish to open this if you are at work due to its content being NSFW. That being said, the comic touches on a unique world where magic is commonplace, but it is not your typical magic. The magic in this world is downloaded like software into the body of the person, thus making them a vessel for any spell that uses the natural energy of the body to power it. Think of it as our body as the computer, or hardware, with its own internal battery, where you would then download the software to run the program as a part of your normal function.

This cyberpunk comic, published every Wednesday, follows a man who has sacrificed his own identity, deleting memories of his life to give him more space on the hard drive that is his brain to use for spells. He wants to be the best at magic and doesn’t care what he loses or gives up to achieve that goal. Along with his partner, who just wants to forget everything, they strive to take out a powerful international crime syndicate against the wishes of their parent corporation in order to fix a mistake that happened a few years ago.

The comic explores all that make us who we are: love, memories, experiences, power and trust. It looks inside to see what makes us tick and what we would do to protect it, forget it or give it up, for whatever reason, power, remorse or just to disappear. Give it a try, you just might find yourself caught up in this world.

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