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Creator of Willow’s Grove Won’t Get Haircut Until 1,000 Books Are Sold

Monday, February 14th, 2011

That’s right, Grovers…you read the headline right. As a challenge to all my readers, past, present and future, I am putting it out there to spread the word: I will NOT get a haircut until one-thousand (1,000) books are sold in 2011! Now, my hair is pretty long as it is right now (much to the ire of my spouse)…see! Karl's hair as of Feb. 14, 2011 Quite shaggy…but I am resolved, I am serious as a heart attack in that I will not cut my hair until my goal has been met.

I give you this challenge, dear friends: Tell a friend, a relative, tell two, spread the word far and wide, have the people you tell tell two more people, three more people, anyone and everyone, buy a copy (or more) of Willow’s Grove – The Kidnapped Saga: Volume 1 (click on the clickery-type button over on the left sidebar and buy it from Paypal! By doing this, you not only allow yours truly to be able to see what he is doing, but also allow me to look less like a homeless artist (which is on the verge of happening for real anyway with the bill collectors banging on my door and me using a pretend voice to say “uh, they no here, please go away”…they buy it at first and start to walk away, but then they realize they have been duped and wait for me in the front yard. Right now, I have about 5 or 6 just mulling around their tents and campfires waiting for me to pop out to get the paper or the mail to tackle me and pin me down while the others rush to the door to change the locks) and more like a professional…I see you laughing out there…and I’d be laughing with you, too…if it wasn’t so serious.